As part of the “Milano Metropolitan Safety Project”, the multi-year plan of actions aimed at safeguarding road users and the environment, the installation of 9 new IoT devices that will affect the safety of pedestrian crossings and the protection of the territory have been completed.

Specifically, in the municipality of Cisliano on the S.P. 114 Baggio – Castelletto a safety system has been installed and activated for the control of non-traffic light crossings, designed to protect pedestrians near potentially critical or not very visible crossings, and based on sensors, cameras, lighting and pre-signaling systems to alert motorists of the presence of a pedestrian crossing.

In addition, 8 vehicular traffic monitoring systems have been installed, which constantly detect the flow of mobility by providing data and useful information on the vehicular flow, allowing the targeted planning of interventions aimed at making road traffic safer and, in the long term, improving air quality in the surrounding areas. Below the details of the placements:

  • 2 systems on the S.P. ex S.S. 35 dei Giovi, in the municipality of Paderno Dugnano;
  • 1 system on the S.P. ex S.S. 35 dei Giovi, in the municipality of Assago;
  • 2 systems on the S.P. ex S.S. 412 della Val Tidone in the municipality of Opera;
  • 1 system on the S.P. 109 Busto Garolfo-Lainate in the municipality of Nerviano;
  • 2 systems on the S.P. 12 Inveruno-Legnano in the municipality of Legnano.

All the IoT devices provided within the “Milano Metropolitan Safety Project” dialogue with TITAN Cloud platform of Safety21 supplied to the Local Police: an innovative and remotely managed ecosystem that makes the control of the provincial territory more efficient, faster and more sustainable, and the fight against violations of the Highway Code more effective both for the Authority and for the citizen.