Project’s aim

Improving road safety is one of the policy priorities of the Città Metropolitana di Milano. Accidents are, indeed, among the leading causes of violent death, where the first victims are the most vulnerable road users: pedestrians, cyclists, children, and older people.

Civic road safety education and the adoption of appropriate standards, as well as the efficiency of detection systems, are all necessary actions to implement preventive policies through innovative and efficient tools that can lead to a considerable reduction of accidents.

Our aim:


traffic fines

Milano Metropolitana safety project aims
at eliminating traffic fines thanks to:

Informing, raising awareness and educating road users, especially young people, to have a correct driving behaviour, thus conveying the importance of the compliance with road safety standards, a deeper understanding and a sense of responsibility of the consequences of their own road traffic related behaviour.

Promoting a different cultural attitude towards road safety by raising awareness of all citizens about the compliance of existing rules.

Enhancement of the advantages of a structured monitoring of standards: the compliance with road rules protects the health of all the people.

Disclosure of the results of the project.