It will be located at km 14+610 towards Magenta and at km 14+260 towards Cardano al Campo. The Metropolitan City of Milan always at the forefront for the road safety.

The “Milano Metropolitan Safety Project“, the road safety program of Metropolitan City of Milan aimed at raising safety standards on the territory, is enriched with a new technological device for prevention and contrast to exceeding speed limits, among the first causes of the numerous accidents.

The Metropolitan City of Milan confirms its commitment to countering road accidents towards achieving the European goal “Zero fatalities” on the road” by 2050, implementing in the area of Vanzaghello, State Road 336 Dir, a cutting-edge device in ensuring high standards of road safety and a greater compliance with the rules, starting with speed control.

The intervention, planned in a road section affected in recent years by numerous accidents (47 between 2019 and 2021 – Source ACI), provides for the positioning of a Innovative connected bidirectional instantaneous speed detection system the Titan Ecosystem, Safety21’s Cloud IoT platform supplied to the Police Local, which will be active from Saturday 24 June on the “S.S. 336 Dir” at km 14 + 610 in direction Magenta and at km 14+260 towards Cardano al Campo.

In detail, it is a system, recently approved by the Ministry, equipped with a sophisticated independent speed control mechanism, able to carry out a double check of the speed detected not only by radar but also by radar through image and therefore to irrefutably confirm the behaviors offences due to failure to comply with speed limits.

The activation of this punctual detection system, as foreseen by the Milano Metropolitan Safety Project, will be accompanied by a campaign of geolocated communication in the area affected by the intervention and on the guidelines concerned, aimed at informing citizens of the activation of the device, and the safety purposes introduced by the speed control system, sensitizing users to greater compliance with the rules of the Highway Code, so that the regulations are also perceived as a protection of the health of every individual.